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Welcome to Freshwater Financial Marketing Pty Ltd

Freshwater Financial Marketing Pty Ltd is a bespoke advisory firm that provides customised business solutions for Australian and offshore Investment management companies seeking product distribution opportunities in new business channels in Australia and in overseas markets.

The Principals at Freshwater Financial Marketing Pty Ltd have identified a need for strategic advice for both domestic and offshore investment managers looking to increase their distribution footprint both locally and in overseas markets.

Our customised advice will facilitate client’s distribution strategies providing them with greater surety in terms of focus and business outcomes.  Freshwater Financial Marketing’s model will become the “roadmap” in terms of direction and results.

Our financial services professional development programs are designed for wealth management businesses seeking opportunities for professionals to participate in customized off shore educational and business sessions. As part of our complete program, we will design and manage each session to ensure outcomes meet expectations.

With many decades of industry experience our Principals are able to deliver a range of client solutions to investment and wealth management companies that are customised to each client’s requirements and are measureable in terms of outcomes.